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The SloFunkPump Show is LIVE on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO! Full 4-Episode Season!

Hi, my name is SloFunkPump - aka the Rocky of Funk - born in Hollywood, Florida.  I play my guitar and sing with a roster of amazing playerz + we light up live show thrillaz from start to finish.  I often throw out free merch -- be it stadium cupz, stickerz, or eco-friendly temp tatz -- to complete strangerz.  You could be one!  Anyway, I'll see you funkerz out there but if you'd like to get to know more about me check my mag (brought to you by Got Goggz) below!  On the way down, enjoy the 20+ professionally produced vidz + songz!


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Due to the pandemic, of course, our summer festival bookings were cancelled.  But, put your city in below: as soon as we can we're gonna tour/funk it up!

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Why My Middle Name Is Funk

My mother named me "Funk" because she said she heard trumpets when I was born. As an infant, she said I would scream and cry when she played goofy kid's music. But if she played a bit of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child", I was off to dreamland.


But that’s all about how a name is given. When do we earn our names? Catholic confirmations are all about making your baptism as a baby a conscious choice as an adult. You choose a name to signify the new era of your life. Many cultures have a similar ceremony for young men and women.


The moment when “Funk” became my chosen middle name -- as well as my given name -- came when I witnessed the revelation that is Rocky Balboa as a young adolescent. James Brown's "Living In America" was the theme song to Rocky IV -- a glorious tale of cold war politics played out in a fight between two boxing rivals. Put simply, Brown’s funk rhythms became the soundtrack for my life. Simultaneously, Rocky’s gritty determinism became the code I would live by.


It was then that the son of an Italian gigalo and an African-American sitcom star found his identity. I am the perfect cross between Rocky and James Brown. With songs like "Runnin' Blind" and "Long Live America" -- even "Flesh & Bone" -- I like to think I propel the world of funk into the 21st century and earn my mother's gracious naming. I add just a bit of "Slo" and a touch of "Pump" to my brand of "Funk". 

A SloFunk Book List

Super excited to light up another bookstore with the SloFunkPump experience in Boulder.


I thought it would be appropriate to craft a SloFunkPump Book List for the University of Colorado Boulder tour stop! I have many leather bound bookz + I'm kind of a big deal:


1. "Funk: The Music, The People, + The Rhythm of The One" by Rickey Vincent


Yo, this book has a foreword by George Clinton + it runs it down the funk experience like no other pub. The concept + theory of "The One" changed my effin' life + it can change yours too! :)) Will SloFunkPump one day be an addition to an edition?


2. "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" by Walter Benjamin


Yeah, this is a must read to understand how the art experience has changed over time. It really shedz light on the concept of "aura" in art + how our industrial revolution (circa 20th century) stripped aura from art. Ancient art was ceremony. It was experience. As we reproduce it with the printing press (+ now the interwebz), what do we lose? The "unexpected" is key to full experiences + that's what we like to do with SloFunkPump shows! Create some SloFunk-Aura!


3. "Red Rocks: The Concert Years" by G. Brown


Wow, can SloFunkPump book Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre someday? Woooohoooo! What a magical place! Talk about a space that creates authentic artistic experience! We're gonna def do a band field trip to Red Rockz while touring Denver! This book is a great history including the 5-year ban on rock concerts after a riot in the early 70s haha.

The Rocky of Funk

I make many of my life decisions — both big and small — by answering the simple question: What would Rocky do?


When I was a freshman in high school and I got bullied by a kid bigger than me, I punched him in the face and made his nose bleed.


Whenever I’m about to insult somebody or give them a piece of my mind, I always lead in with a “Not for nothing…”


I even took one of the rougher looking girls in my high school to senior prom because her name was Adrian.

Naturally, I can often be seen bouncing a rubber ball or punching raw meat, but it wasn’t until a year ago that I thought to myself: How would Rocky write a song?


Now, obviously, the Rocky movies have nothing but solid anthems, but it wasn’t until I was writing the music to “Back The Funk Up” that I imagined myself as Rocky with a guitar.


Up until that point, I felt that being a musician was the one area of my life that having Rocky as a role model was not very relevant.


But, the main riff in “Back The Funk Up” is nothing more than Rocky’s punches put into a rhythm.


It’s official, Rocky now rules all things SloFunkPump.  I can’t wait to see where this leads me!

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 Contact:  hq@slofunkpump.com 

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